Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Plan

I know it has been a good amount of time since my last post, but only one big thing has happened. I received the plans for the Flat  Skiff 12ft and there is a lot of dimensions. The dimensions are also somewhat hard to read because they are in blueprint form which is foreign to me. The plans also came with a list of materials that I'll need to complete the build:

Plywood panels 1/4" (6mm):   2
Plywood panels 3/8" (9mm):   2
Biaxial tape 6 oz. 5" wide:       50 yards
Epoxy resin, gallons:                1.5 (6 liters)
Putty fillers, gallons:                 0.5

Now that I have the plans, the next step is to get this list of materials, so hopefully by my next post I will be getting ready to start cutting the plywood.