Friday, March 20, 2015

Seat Frames, Filets, and Fiberglass

It's official..... The boat is able to float! We set filets up in all of the inside joints, the filets are made up of epoxy and the peanut butter type glue. We then let it set a little bit and made frames for the seats to go onto. After a good half an hour of working on the seat frames and letting the filets set, we started to lay the fiberglass cloth. The weird thing about the fiberglass is that it starts out as something very similar to a fabric. To lay it into the joint right you have to measure the length of the of the region and then cut the cloth accordingly. You then need to make sure it lines up evenly in the joint and role it out to make sure it flattens. Once it looks even on both sides you use a paint brush to paint epoxy over it. This forms an extremely strong bond with the boat. Now that that is all done, technically, the boat would be able to float, but there is still a ways to go, we need to fiberglass the outside for added support and also make arrangements for the seat tops, and much more. 

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