Monday, September 14, 2015

The finished product

Well everyone, it's done. I know it's been all summer since my last post but a lot has happened between now and then and throughout that I haven't forgotten about this blog. The boat is completely done, we put foam that helps floating in the back seat and half of the front seat. The other half of the front seat is a nice compartment is a place for an anchor. The middle seat opens up fully and all of the seats have a nice wood trim that's a different color from itself. We then used faring compound on the fiberglassed joints on the outside of the boat which when painted over makes it impossible to tell that there was ever fiberglass cloth while still keeping the joints strong. After faring compound was applied and dried we had to sand it down. The sanding honestly took a long time and was very tedious. We then put primer on the outside which is the step prior to the painting. Sure enough after 3 coats of primer it was back to sanding. As soon as that was done we got to pick out the paint. We decided on an off-white for the bottom a yellow boot stripe and an amazing blue paint. We had to measure the line of the boot stripe by placing the boat on its skeg on the sawhorses and drawing a line parallel to the ground. We put on three coats of each paint. The blue paint was great, it was like a mirror, I could see reflections off of it, I was really happy with it. We then decided to put a gold half arrow along each side. This paint needed to be stirred constantly while painting it on because it was part metallic which would separate from the rest of the paint. It turned out to be a great touch. Once that was done we varnished the inside and rub rail. This really tied the whole boat together and gave it a very classic look. The varnish looked fantastic and made the wood really pop. The only thing left to do was put on the finishing touches like handles on the back and locks on the seat and an eye hook and oar locks. I then was able to launch the boat which was one of the  most rewarding things I've ever done. I was able to let my teacher who inspired the project on a ride and it was a great feeling to look at this boat in the water and remember the time when it was 4 pieces of plywood in my basement.

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